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    Choose our firm because we provide free Lemon Law representation. You should not have to pay a fee for an attorney to represent you. It’s as simple as that.

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    Choose our firm because our experienced team of professionals has more experience handling lemon law, auto fraud and consumer law cases than any other firm in Ohio.

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    Choose our firm because car manufacturers and car dealers know us by reputation and do not like to be sued by us. Oftentimes a letter or phone call will achieve the desired result.

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    Choose our firm because we use the tried and proven processes and procedures that we developed and refined since 1978 to get quick and effective results for our clients.

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    Choose our firm because we provide personalized and individualized service. You won’t just be a “number” to our team members.

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    Choose our firm because all team members, from Legal Assistants to Paralegals to Law Clerks to Attorneys are carefully trained. Experience, dedication and attention to detail are employee traits that we value.

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    Choose our firm because during normal business hours, your call will NEVER be answered by a “phone system” and your call will never be sent to voice mail unless you insist. We value our clients and whether you are a potential client or a current client, we want as much personal contact with you as possible.

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    Choose our firm because “we work for you.” We pride ourselves on achieving the highest quality results for our clients as quickly as we can. That’s true whether your case involves lemon cars, lemon trucks, laundered lemon vehicles, used car lemon law, RV lemon law, assistive device lemon law, auto fraud or any one of a number of consumer rights issues

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    Choose our firm because our founder, Ron Burdge, is considered one of the best lemon law lawyers in the country and is sought after to teach consumer rights seminars, including state lemon laws to lawyers and judges around the state and across the country.

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    Choose our firm because you have a choice about your legal services and choosing the Burdge Law Office will be your best choice.

About the Burdge Law Firm

Ohio Lemon Law Attorneys

The Burdge Law Firm helps consumers in the legal areas of Ohio Lemon Law, Kentucky Lemon Law, the Federal Lemon Law (called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act), Rv and Motorhome Lemon Law, and Consumer Protection Law.

We are experienced Lemon Law lawyers, and we have attorneys and staff who devote themselves to dealing with specific issues related to lemon cars, lemon trucks, lemon RVs, lemon boats - even lemon airplanes! We primarily represent clients who live in Ohio and Kentucky, but give our assistance nationwide in consulting with and referring to other lemon law lawyers. We are admitted to practice law in all Ohio state and federal courts, all Kentucky state courts, and all Indiana federal courts too.

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View the Attorney Profiles of the Burdge Law Office. Our law practice group is led by our founder Ron Burdge. With over 30 years experience in handling thousands of Lemon Law and Car Sales Fraud cases, Mr. Burdge is a frequent speaker at national seminars and conferences on Lemon Laws and numerous Consumer Protection Law issues. Under his guidance and direction, our law practice stays current on all issues in this ever-changing field. Call 1-888-331-6422 today to schedule a FREE consultation with our Ohio Lemon Law lawyers. We have the experience and resources to deliver results in consumer fraud cases.

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