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Assistive Device State Lemon Laws

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Kansas Statutes Annotated 50 - 696

Summary of the Law:

Who & What is covered:

Kansas's statute covers any consumer who acquires by purchase, lease, transfer, or ability to enforce the warranty an assistive device.

Consumer Remedies:

Under the statute, if an assistive device is in for repair 4 or more times for the same defect or is out of service 30 or more days within the warranty period, the consumer must offer to return the assistive device to the manufacturer. The consumer then has the right to a replacement assistive device or a refund of the price paid.

Resale of "lemon" assistive devices:

Any assistive device which is repurchased by the manufacturer because it is a "lemon" under this statute cannot be resold in Kansas without full disclosure to the consumer.

Details of the Law:

Devices Covered: any device a consumer purchases or accepts in this state which is used for a major life activity

Persons Covered: purchaser, lessee, transferee, any person who can enforce the warranty

Period Covered: 1 year

Disclosure Requirements: not applicable

Required Consumer Notice: offer to return device

Repair Requirements: 4 repair attempts or 30 days out of service

Affirmative Defenses: abuse, neglect, unauthorized modification or alteration

Replace or refund: replace or refund minus usage setoff

Other reimbursement: point of sale finance charges, collateral costs

Other remedies: not applicable

Informal dispute resolution: not applicable

Resale of Lemon: only with full disclosure

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