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Assistive Device State Lemon Laws

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Nevada Revised Statutes 597 . 2657

Summary of the Law:

Who & What is covered:

Nevada's statute covers any consumer who acquires an assistive device (that is still under warranty) by purchase, lease, transfer, or ability to enforce the warranty.

Consumer Remedies:

Under the statute, if an assistive devices is in for repair 3 or more times for substantially the same defect or is out of service 30 days or more within the warranty period, the consumer is entitled to a replacement assistive device or a refund of the price paid. Additionally, if the assistive device is out of service more than 10 days during any repair period, or the same defect has been repaired 2 or more times, the consumer is entitled to $30.00 a day for a loaner assistive device.

Resale of "lemon" assistive devices:

Any assistive device which is repurchased by the manufacturer because it is a "lemon" under this statute cannot be resold in Nevada without full disclosure to the consumer.

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