Consumer Law Consulting Services

Consumer Law Consulting Services

Consumer Case Consulting Services for Attorneys

The Burdge Law Office provides experienced Consumer Law consulting services for attorneys nationwide. Since 1978, Ron Burdge and his team of professionals have been on the forefront of Consumer Law and consumer litigation, having represented thousands of consumer clients in litigation with merchants, car dealers, vehicle manufacturers, financiers, and other defendants in civil litigation, in court, out of court, through trial and appeal, state courts and federal courts.

Mr. Burdge is the only Consumer Law attorney in Ohio with these prestigious qualifications:

With an extensive resume of private practice, trial experience, and appellate experience, this breadth of experience and knowledge permits us to offer high-quality coaching and assistance. If you are a general practitioner handling an occasional consumer case, or a more experienced Consumer Law attorney dealing with temporary challenges --- or anything in between --- you can probably benefit from our help.

Our consulting services are easy to use and readily available, just send an email to or call us today at 1-888-331-6422, toll free.

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Ronald L. Burdge

Known nationwide as a leading Lemon Law attorney, Ronald L. Burdge has represented literally thousands of consumers in "lemon" lawsuits and actively co-counsels and coaches other Consumer Law attorneys.

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