The Law Coach

The Law Coach

When you're running from one court to another and you're wondering about your next case's trial strategy (or their's), when your opponent is playing hardball, and you want to know the best way to deal with it, when your client wants to settle and you don't, when you need someone to help you come up with new ways to litigate successfully, you need The Law Coach.

Designed to Help the Busy Attorney

Ronald L. Burdge, a nationally known Consumer Law trial attorney with nearly 30 years of Consumer Law experience in state and federal courts, has been breaking new ground in consumer protection law since 1978. He’s a lawyer mentor who is ready to help you!

If you are not sure if you need co-counsel or someone to fill in a "second chair", but you do want someone who will make you really think about your case, help you prove it, explain how to win it, tell you how to emphasize your strong points and maximize your verdict at trial, then what you really need is The Law Coach.  As an experienced Consumer trial attorney who has been in trial fighting the leading edge battles in Consumer Law, let us help you win your client's case!

You don't need to be a computer "whiz" to get The Law Coach's help. Lawyer coaching programs by telephone are available to give you "one on one" guidance in every aspect of your practice. Law coaching is designed to help the busy trial attorney and the young attorney alike. The Law Coach helps make the playing field run in your direction!

Law coaching programs are available at convenient times and days to fit your busy schedule, to discuss topics covering virtually every aspect of your law practice—all designed to help you succeed! Lawyer coaching and lawyer mentoring offers you and your clients enormous benefits, and the actual investment is very reasonable. Get The Law Coach in your corner to help you and your client.

Coaching Topics

Contact us to discuss how The Law Coach can help your case. Voice: 937.432.9500 or Fax: 937.432.9503

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