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The Ohio & Kentucky Lemon Law app is the premier source for lemon law information on vehicles purchased in in Ohio and Kentucky. This app helps you know your lemon law rights and keep your lemon info all in one place, making it easier to get your lemon vehicle bought back or replaced. And it includes the lemon laws for all 50 US states. With this app you can:


    1. Find Your Law. Find out exactly what is a lemon in Ohio or Kentucky for any type of motor vehicle.
    2. Find All US State Lemon Laws. Find your state lemon law by your type of vehicle, cars, trucks, motorcycles, Atv’s and Rv’s – just pick your state, pick your type of vehicle, and click Go to see if you have a lemon and what you can do about it.
    3. Find all the safety Recalls for your vehicle. Just input your vehicle make/model/year and click Go. The app will provide all recall info directly from federal safety investigator’s NHTSA database. Or you can browse recent recalls with just one click.
    4. Keep your vehicle repair history online and submit it with one click for a free case review.
    5. Take and email pictures of documents or your vehicle or anything else – no more faxing or waiting for snail mail to catch up.
    6. Connect with Burdge Law Office lemon lawyers for experienced lemon law help – with maps to their address and clickable email, phone numbers, blogs and social media.
    7. Read attorney profiles, see what clients say, see what other lawyers say.  One click access to blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


If you have a lemon or if you are the victim of motor vehicle sales fraud, call the Burdge Law office on our Toll Free Hotline at 1.888.331.6422 and let one of our attorneys get rid of your problem, or you can email us. You can also fill out our “Free Case Review” questionnaire.                       

Not from Ohio? If you are in Kentucky or Hawaii, we can still help so call us on our Toll Free Lemon Law Hotline at 1.888.331.6422. For other states, click here to find out what your State’s Lemon Law says, and you can find a Lemon Law Lawyer near you by clicking the link.

Remember - life is too short to drive a lemon!

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