Ohio Consumer Law

Ohio Consumer Law

Ohio has some of the strongest Consumer Protection Laws in the country and this site is designed to help you become aware of them so you can protect your own consumer rights.

Ohio now has consumer laws that protect individuals from telemarketingmortgage fraudbait and switch advertising, crooked car dealers, Credit Bureau problems, home improvement scam artists, protecting your privacy, illegal debt collection tactics, Lemon car sales, Rent to Own rip-offs , phony investment schemes, and much, much more!

Under most of these Ohio consumer laws, you can have the right to cancel a sale, receive your money back, or even be awarded $200 or more for your trouble (even if you haven't lost any money). You can also have the offenders pay your attorney fees according to Ohio Consumer Law.

At Burdge Law Office, we are committed to sharing knowledge and information on Ohio Consumer law because we believe that in many cases a consumer aware of Ohio laws can solve their own problem—but where you can't, we can be there to help you fight for your rights as a consumer.

Among the features of our Ohio Consumer Law web site are links connecting you to a complete listing of Ohio Legislators and your Local Press.

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