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Lemon Motor Vehicle Law and Consumer Protection...

...Lemon Motor Vehicle Laws and different legal systems can seem confusing, overwhelming, and impersonal. We can take care of that. Our Ohio Lemon Law experts take the mystery out of the process and help you get rid of defective products and get your money back. It's what we do. Protecting you and your family. We pride ourselves on being a law firm that gets results. To achieve your result, we provide you with skilled, goal-oriented, and personal guidance.

Simply put, we help solve expensive and frustrating problems with defective consumer products. We've been doing it more than 30 years. And we do it economically.

We have developed a library of information we feel can help consumers know their rights and know what to do if they fall victim to a lemon.  See our resources and contact us if you have questions. Call 1-888-331-6422 now to make an appointment to receive a FREE consultation from an Ohio lemon law attorney from Burdge Law Office.

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