Canada RV Lemon

Is my RV a lemon?

If you live in Canada and think you have a lemon RV then the odds are you probably do! Have you experienced repeat trips to the nearest authorized repair shop? Was it dozens or hundreds of miles away? Have you had repeated breakdowns with your RV?has your RV been subjected to multiple repair attempts for the same defects? Have you lost campground deposits because your RV would not run right or operate right? If you have to pay for repairs because a factory dealer was too far away or would not do the work? And you probably have a lemon.

Is there a Canada lemon law that covers my RV?

 No, but if your RV was made in the United States, then the US federal lemon law may give you legal rights when your new RV bought in Canada turns sour and the selling dealer fails to fix it within a reasonable number of attempts or in a reasonable amount of time. This US lemon law applies to all Recreational vehicles – class A, class B, class C motorhomes, towable travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheel trailers, and park model units.

What should I do if I think my RV is a lemon in Canada?

If you are asking this question, then you probably already tried to solve your problem with the RV dealer or factory without success. We can be your next step. Gather all of your repair records, the sales contract, and all documents that have anything to do with your RV and then contact an experienced United States attorney in RV lemon law cases to get good advice about how the US federal lemon law can apply to your bad RV.


To learn about your rights under the law in Canada, talk to a local attorney near you. To find out how to file a claim under United States laws, you can talk with us. If you're not sure who to contact in the US, call or email Ron Burdge, who has been helping people fight Rv manufacturers for more than 30 years, for a free case review.

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