Chrysler Lemon

Do You Have a Lemon Chrysler or a Lemon Dodge?

You aren’t alone.

dodge.pngChrysler vehicles certainly have better quality that we saw just a decade ago, but problems still exist, recalls still happen, and secret warranties are still being issued by Chrysler and Dodge to tell dealers how to fix the defects and problems being discovered by factory engineers long after the cars have left the factory.

At least once a week, every week, all year long, Chrysler and Dodge send out at least one recall notice or technical service bulletin, sometimes called a repair bulletin, to their dealers on how to fix newly discovered defects and problems in the 2013 model line. And these numbers don’t include Safety Recalls or any ongoing federal investigations for safety defects or owner complaints. It's no wonder a lot of Chrysler and Dodge owners are wondering if they've got a lemon sitting in front of their home.

If you think you have a lemon Chrysler or a lemon Dodge, we can help. Getting rid of lemons is what we do.

Our Chrysler lemon lawyers can save you countless hours of stress and aggravation - we will take on Chrysler for you to argue and negotiate to get you the best deal possible to get rid of your lemon and get your money back or get you a new car. It's what we do. Everyday.

Recent Potential Chrysler Lemons and Dodge Lemons:

  • 2013 Chrysler 200
  • 2013 Chrysler 300
  • 2013 Chrysler Sebring
  • 2013 Chrysler Town and Country
  • 2013 Dodge Avenger
  • 2013 Dodge Challenger
  • 2013 Dodge Dart
  • 2013 Dodge Durango
  • 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
  • 2013 Dodge Journey
  • 2013 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2013 Dodge Ram 4500
  • 2013 Dodge Ram 5500
  • 2013 Dodge Ram Viper

To find out if you have a lemon Chrysler or a lemon Dodge contact us today! Call 1-888-331-6422 or fill out our Contact form.  To find out about more recalls on your vehicle or others click on the links below:

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