Frequently asked questions about RV Lemon Law

RV Lemon Law FAQs

Does the Federal Lemon Law cover all of my RV or just the chassis and drive line?
It covers everything—regardless of who gives the warranty on what part of it. If anyone gave a warranty, then they can be held liable for breaching their warranty!

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Are there any other laws that can help me?
You bet. Every state has its own Lemon law, in addition to the Federal Lemon Law, and it might also cover your RV. Most of the state Lemon laws will cover all of your Rv except for the living and eating areas and equipment. In addition, every state has a Consumer Act and a Commercial Code law that gives you even more rights!


What is a "lemon RV"?
t's an RV that is covered by a warranty and that has one or more problems that "substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle" to you and which the dealer has not fixed within a reasonable number of chances or a reasonable amount of time.

Use this handy, printable Repair History Form to keep track of your repair trips!


What does "reasonable" mean?
It depends on the problem. Some things should be fixed on the very first attempt but others might be more difficult and take two or three tries. If the problem does not get fixed fast enough or soon enough, then you can reach a point where you lose your confidence in the warranty or the ability of the dealer or manufacturer to live up to the warranty. When that happens, you can consider your warranty breached!


The manufacturer wants to give me an extended warranty instead of replacing my RV. What happens if I accept it?
You could lose al your Lemon Law rights, so be very sure that you can live with the result. Extending the warranty is a very cheap way out for the manufacturer. All you really are getting is the promise that they will try "one more time" when more things go wrong. Are you sure that is what you want?


Should I let them work on my RV again?
Probably not without talking to one of our Lemon law Lawyers first. If they get it fixed, they may tell you that it's too late then for you to do anything about it --- so be careful!


I think my used RV was bought back once by the manufactuer and the dealer did not tell me when I bought it. Should I be worried?
Yes. Many people believe that "once a Lemon, always a Lemon" and they just won't pay much for a "buyback" lemon RV. The market value of a lemon just isn't the same as an RV that has always run right.


I have a lemon RV and they want to replace it but I just want my money back. Do I have to take another RV from them?
No. You are the one who gets to decide what you want to do under the Federal Lemon Law. It is much cheaper for them to replace a lemon RV than it is to buy it back, because of the huge price markups that the manufacturer (and then the dealer) make when they sell it. Cheap for them may not be better for you!


Can I recover my attorney fees in a lemon RV case?
In a word - YES! That is one of the best things about the law!


I think I've got a lemon RV. What do I do next?
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