Laws that Apply To RV's

Laws that can Apply to Lemon RVs

In the United States, three sets of laws protect you should you happen to buy a "lemon" - the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (what we call the "federal" Lemon Law), the Uniform Commercial Code, and individual state "lemon laws."

If you're visiting this web site, it's most likely a defective RV that is giving you grief.

If you have experienced repeated problems with your RV, and think you may have a "lemon", don't hesitate to do something about it! In many instances, your rights are limited by time and mileage—so don't wait. Our easy-to-take Lemon Test will help determine if you qualify for legal remedies under the RV Lemon Laws.

Lease Fraud

RV dealers can easily take advantage of consumers in leasing RV's, cars and trucks. For example, some dealers may fail to give consumers credit for their trade-ins, or dealers sometimes tell the leasing company (such as a bank) that the vehicle has more equipment on it than it really has.

These practices allow the dealer to overcharge the consumer. In some cases, consumers are led to believe they are buying an RV or car when in fact the dealer is leasing it to them. This can happen when the buyer places their trust in the dealership personnel, and has little knowledge if the vehicle buying process.

Leasing looks simple, but it can be very complicated. A lot of dealers like it because it's an easy way to deceive the consumer. If you believe you were misled or cheated in leasing vehicle, you may wish to contact us.

Sales Fraud

Odometer and other types of Sales Fraud are a major problem in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, odometer fraud alone results in consumer losses of approximately four billion dollars annually.

A serious threat to vehicle buyers, Sales Fraud can cost thousands of dollars and lead to frustrating breakdowns and repairs.

Next to a home, a new vehicle purchase is the largest financial transaction for most consumers. Yet, shopping for the best deal at an RV dealership has historically been a mysterious, painful and often regrettably expensive experience for many consumers.

If you suspect you've been misled or cheated—then you probably have!

Click here to read the Federal Lemon Law. This is just one of the Lemon Laws that can cover a bad RV! Every state also has its own motor vehicle Lemon Law, too.

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