Semi Truck and Heavy Duty Truck Lemon Law

Every state has a Commercial Truck Lemon Law that can help you if you have a lemon truck. The Truck Lemon semi_truck_repair.gifLaw covers any commercial truck. It also covers heavy duty trucks and semi trucks. Even used trucks may be covered by the Commercial Law and its Lemon Law provisions.

When it comes to commercial trucks, there are two definitions of what a Lemon Truck is and they apply all across the United States.

  1. The manufacturer has to repair any defect within a reasonable amount of time.
  2. The manufacturer has to repair any defect within a reasonable number of chances.

The manufacturer has to live up to their warranty for the life of their warranty too - no matter how long that may be. When you have a problem with a truck, and it’s covered by the warranty, your only obligation is to give them a reasonable chance to fix it. Their obligation is to get it fixed. If they don’t get it fixed within a reasonable amount of time or a reasonable number of chances, then the warranty is breached and you've got a lemon.

You don’t have to let the dealer tinker around trying to figure it out. Did your dealer fail to get every defect fixed even though you gave them a reasonable chance? Then you have a lemon!

On top of that, many times a dealer will sell a new or used truck and give you a warranty without even meaning to and may even deny it later. That is because the law says that if the dealer does not use specific words to stop from giving you a warranty then the law says you automatically get two warranties - one is called an implied warranty of merchantability and the other is called an implied warranty of fitness for use. And in most states that warranty lasts for four years from the purchase.

If you gave your dealer a reasonable chance to get your truck fixed and they didn't, then you probably have a lemon truck and we can help!

Not all trucks are lemon trucks, but there are other laws that you may be able to use to get you out of a bad truck or a bad deal too.

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