Truck Lemon Law

oll-truck__epair.jpgTruck lemon lawThe Lemon Law in many states covers consumer trucks that are designed to carry a normal load. These laws also cover vans and sport utility vehicles designed for consumer type of use. Even farm trucks (often up to 1 1/2 ton) can be covered in many states. If you have a lemon truck, the odds are that there's a lemon law that will cover you.

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When it comes to trucks, many state lemon laws cover them. Also the federal lemon law says that the manufacturer has to live up to their warranty by repairing defects within a reasonable number of chances and also within a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t, then you can get to the point where you no longer have any faith in the reliability of the vehicle or the ability of the dealer to fix it right. Then, you can say that as far as you are concerned the warranty has been breached and you want your money back. You don’t have to let the dealer tinker around trying to figure it out.

Each state has its own state lemon law and many of them also cover pickup and consumer type trucks and sport utility vehicles and vans.

Not all trucks are lemon trucks, but there are other laws that you can probably use to get you out of a bad truck or a bad deal.

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