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Honda Recalls 200,000 ATV's with Steering Defects That Could Make Them A Lemon ATV

Take the Lemon TestModel Years 2004 and 2005 ATV Steering Rods Could Separate, Causing the Driver to Lose Control and Crash

Safety Recalls include:

  • 2004 TRX400FA / FGA
  • 2004 TRX350FE / FM / TE / TM
  • 2005 TRX250TE / TM
  • 2005 TRX350FE / FM / TE / TM
  • 2005 TRX400FA / FGA
  • 2005 TRX500FE / FM / TM
  • 2005 TRX500FA / FGA
  • 2005 TRX650FA / FGA

If you think you’ve got a lemon ATV and you want your money back or a new one, call us toll free at 1.888.331.6422 or contact us today!

Honda announced it is recalling 200,000 potential lemon All Terrain Vehicles of its 2004 and 2005 Honda ATV FourTrax Recons, Ranchers, Foremans, Foreman Rubicons and Rincons ATV’s that were sold between August 2003 and February 2005 at Honda motorcycle dealers nationwide for $3,600 to $8,000.

Honda admitted that it has received reports of steering-rod separation but claims that no injuries have been reported yet, according to the official announcement of the recall from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can find the model number for your ATV on a label on the left side of the frame down tube.

Registered owners should get direct notice about the recall from Honda, but this defect can be deadly so don’t wait!

If you think you’ve got a lemon ATV and you want your money back or a new one, call us toll free at 1.888.331.6422 or contact us today!

The recall includes ATV serial numbers:

'2004 models:
- TRX350FE Rancher 4X4 ES, with VIN 478TE254*44300010 to 478TE254*44323289
- TRX350FM Rancher 4X4, VIN 478TE250*44300005 to 478TE250*44315544
- TRX350TE Rancher ES, VIN 478TE244*44300003 to 478TE244*44310382
- TRX350TM Rancher, VIN 478TE240*44300006 to 478TE240*44310445
- TRX400FA Rancher AT, VIN 478TE290*44000055 to 478TE290*44019249
- TRX400FGA Rancher AT GPS, VIN 478TE294*44000016 to 478TE294*44008055

'2005 models:
- TRX250TE Recon ES, VIN 1HFTE214*54500014 to 1HFTE214*54510334
- TRX250TM Recon, VIN HFTE210*54500010 to 1HFTE210*54509249
- TRX350FE Rancher 4X4 ES, VIN 1HFTE254*54400001 to 1HFTE254*54415180
- TRX350FM Rancher 4X4, VIN 1HFTE250*54400001 to 1HFTE250*54416860
- TRX350TE Rancher ES, VIN 1HFTE244*54400001 to 1HFTE244*54412240
- TRX350TM Rancher, VIN 1HFTE240*54400001 to 1HFTE240*54410980
- TRX400FA Rancher AT, VIN 1HFTE290*54100005 to 1HFTE290*54115657
- TRX400FGA Rancher AT GPS, VIN 1HFTE294*54100004 to HFTE294*54103423
- TRX500FA Foreman Rubicon, VIN 1HFTE260*54400010 to 1HFTE260*54402169
- TRX500FE Foreman 4X4 ES, VIN 1HFTE317*54000026 to 1HFTE317*54003486
- TRX500FGA Foreman Rubicon GPS, VIN 1HFTE264*54400012 to 1HFTE264*54400555
- TRX500FM Foreman 4X4, VIN 1HFTE310*54000015 to 1HFTE310*54002715
- TRX500TM Foreman, VIN 1HFTE314*54000012 to 1HFTE314*54002112
- TRX650FA Rincon 4X4, VIN 1HFTE280*54000009 to 1HFTE280*54011239
- TRX650FGA Rincon 4X4 GPS, VIN 1HFTE284*54000002 to 1HFTE284*54002521

Your Honda ATV vehicle identification number (VIN) is stamped on the front of the frame.

A copy of the official Honda Recall letter can be viewed here, along with an online video that better explains the defect and how you can try to spot it.

If you think you’ve got a lemon ATV and you want your money back or a new one, call us toll free at 1.888.331.6422 or contact us today!

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More information about Atv recalls or Snowmobile recalls can be found by at the CSPC website.
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