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Every state has a long and technical definition for "fraud" but, really, fraud is just a lie that costs you money.
consumer fraudGenerally, there are three kinds of fraud.

Outright Fraud. This is where you ask a question and they give you an answer and, when they do, they know they are lying to you. This is generally known as a "bold faced lie."

The half-truth fraud. This is where you ask a question and they give you an answer and, when they do, they really do not know if their answer is true or not—they just don't care. In other words, a "sin of omission."

Fraud by concealment. This is where you may not ask the right question and they certainly don't give you the answer because they know that if they did then you wouldn't buy what they are selling. This is another way of hiding the truth.

consumer fraud lawAny one of these can be an act of fraud and can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

When the fraud involves a car dealer, we usually call it "auto fraud" and car dealers have a hundred ways to do it! Browse through our car dealer glossary of terms for a real eye opener.

Other businesses commit fraud on consumers, too. Web site scams, repair shops, time share rip-offs, telephone solicitors, door-to-door salespeople—just about anybody can rip you off if you're not careful.

If you've been the victim of fraud, and complaining on your own doesn't work, then contact us for help.

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