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How to Complain

consumer law complaints1. Make a Phone Call.
Have all your paperwork in front of you and make notes of your call, especially the first and last name of the person you spoke with, along with the date and time.

2. Write a Complaint Letter.
Include all the facts and be sure to keep a copy of everything you send. Give them a deadline date to respond. Consider sending it by certified mail.

3. Complain to the Attorney General.
You must file a complaint form (either printed or on-line) with the Attorney General's consumer protection staff or call them at 1-800-282-0515.

4. Complain to the Better Business Bureau.
Local offices are listed in the phone book or visit their website.

5. Sue the party in Small Claims Court or Contact an Attorney to handle the matter for you.
Small Claims Court can handle most claims up to $3,000. Such claims might include damage to property caused by movers, cleaners and individuals, repair problems, undelivered goods and defective products.

Federal Trade Commission Web Site

Complain to the US Congress

Complain to State and Local Government

Complain to the Ohio Attorney General

Better Business Bureau


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