Electrical problems plaguing Chrysler vehicles could turn into a big recall.

Electrical problems plaguing Chrysler vehicles could turn into a big recall.

Aug 28, 2014

Chrysler Group says it is investigating complaints about an array of electronic glitches, including potentially dangerous engine stalling, that could afflict millions of its most-popular models.   At this time no recall has been launched.  This is just the first step in getting to that point and many times do not lead into a recall.

The fault could be linked the TIPM (Total Integrated Power Module).  The complaints say a faulty TIPM can make electrical accessories, such as power windows and theft alarms, operate unexpectedly even when the ignition's not on and neither the key nor the driver is in or near the car.  Some of the hundreds of complaints say the vehicles can quit running, leaving them stalled in dangerous traffic situations.

Stalling not only kills the engine, but also shuts off power assist for steering and brakes, and depending on a vehicle's design it can also disable airbags.

This fault has been linked possibly to a TIPM that they have installed in the vehicles since 2007 which could affect millions of vehicles made from 2007 through the current year model.

Have you been experiencing an electrical gremlin in your vehicle?   You just might have a lemon on your hands.  


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